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4/20 Cookout and Jam

We’ll have TWO sets of open turntables to get down on plus plenty of free food.

Come enjoy the nice spring weather and lay down some of your favorite jams.

Message the Crown page if you have any questions.

(This is a DJ post and will be REALLY boring to anyone not playing… so feel free to skip, just a heads up!)

So this is how we’re going to run this.

Inside will be an XDJ-RX2 with two Tech 1200’s attached as well. If you cannot use the RX2, we can figure something out (if you need to switch out to another controller). Laptop stand will be provided for those who need it.

On the patio will be straight up old school, two tech 1200’s and a 3 channel mixer with no bells or whistles.

It’s free tables, so we’ll have to figure that out on the day. I’m sure people will be up for B2B and god knows what else.

We’re placing an emphasis on vinyl (hint, hint), so if you have some… bring it!

In the end, we’re doing this to just have a good time so let’s not take it too seriously! Anyone that plans on playing, if you could comment on this, that would help things along!

See you Saturday!

elektrik coma music