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It’s summer. We’re taking a break. We want to go to the pool. Is that a BBQ? All of these are valid reasons for the temporary hiatus of the satori monthly sessions, but none of them are the actual reasons.

Fiscally, we need to take a break to try to recoup some costs through some other channels. Even a small event like satori can make a sizable dent in the wallet. At the end of the night, we like to be able to pay our DJ’s, even if it’s just gas money. In no way are we trying to guilt anyone and/or anything in regards to this. It’s just how these things go, some nights are hot, others not so much. So we’re going to take a breath, focus on some moves, music & music production and figure out our next step.

We’re expecting satori to return around the end of September and continue running every month after. We’re also thinking about changing it up a little, adding some digital elements in so we have a nice hybrid fusion going on. If you feel so inclined, let us know how you feel about that.

In the interim, please feel free to visit as we’ll still be promoting other events and uploading music and all kinds of other stuff. And you should definitely come out on the June 23rd to help us celebrate Julie and Chris’ engagement! That’s all for now.

Here’s to a great summer!

elektrik coma music